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What was/is the whole story behind TGN and the OT section?

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  • What was/is the whole story behind TGN and the OT section?

    Does anyone remember the history of TGN? The actual beginning, middle and some might say the end? I remember when this site was hopping. Especially the off topic section. I do remember people splitting off and going to the fevergaming forums and when it died on to wai off topic forums which is pretty much dead now. But I really don't remember why. Very few members from 2005 actually come here anymore. How can we change this and get this place going again.

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    I'm interested


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      I figured others here would like to know what TGN has been through.


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        I remember joining ( back in 2004, I was member #20. In the beginning most of the news was posted by Rico, and the forum was managed by Gamewizard, and moderated by DrunkenPirate. When BF2 was released this forum really took off - with lots of posts everyday, and it maintained like that for a long time. We had a large user base.

        We had a pretty good tech forum too, lead by Joshua(?). He was the tech guru around here before Alex98 but he left before Alex Joined.

        In June 2006 MyIS acquired the site from Gamewizard. I'm not sure what exactly happened but I think Gamewizard felt he got a raw deal, and then a month later Gamewizard started up with a mysql user database he downloaded from totalbf2. This split the community and a bunch, mostly OT people left for fevergaming. Fever didn't last that long though and in Dec 2007 Fevergaming was renamed or changed to become the now defunct

        The OT Crew! ah yes, in 2006-2007+ the OT section was booming and the most popular part of TBF2. Alex, Oli, sniper, mooby, cheese.. I can't remember all the names, maybe Stilla could fill us in..
        After a couple years, for reasons I don't know people must of lost interest and left. OT and the tech section got pretty quite.

        On life support... After a couple database crashes in '09,'10 ?? TBF2 had to be rebuilt and became TGN. We have merged with the CSNation database and consolidated into one site, but just known now as TGN. Thanks to Zips we have news and fresh content still rolling here.

        When Bad Company 2 was released I really thought it would bring some life back into the forums but it was pretty minimal. Same with BF3, but even other Battlefield gaming forums seem fairly dead now.

        You can see what this site used to look like back in Nov 2004:

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          Thanks Signa. Yes I hate to admit that most of us left for Fevergaming. Then something happened over there that led to Cheese to start Wai off topic. It was a happening place for a while but now is pretty much dead.


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            I know jack and or squat about TGN's history prior to my coming on. I only know CSN's.

            Though, why does that "Cheesewiz" name sound so familiar... Seems he was before my time, but even still, that name...


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              Well, I know I started visiting this place mainly because of BF2142 news back in 2007. I visited the site 1 or 2 days a week to check on news and on the POTD (IKR?). Then I started going deeper into the forums, and decided to register in 2010 because I wanted to post a BFBC2 question. So I guess BC2 was what really brought me in here.
              LOL, I actually got curious and made a quick search trying to find one of my first posts (if not the first one). I can also see my English has improved a lot
              Also funny how I was already complaining about my computer not running bfbc2 and today I still use the same one to play bf3 xD


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                I remember visiting this site first i got wind of Battlefield 2, as you may now i am a die hard BF fan since 42 came out in 2002! I joined this thread sometime in 2004/2005 urgh High school yuck! The forums made it a happier place.

                I remember Alex98UK and the guys from the UK as well Hellsent, Hawkers and such. I enjoy being a member of this site, it truly is an honor to also be called a veteran!! its been what 7 years?!!? ahahah I frequented the Tech Center and separate video game sections of the forum. And now i am a YouTuber posting my vids in my own threads, i hold two degrees, and am a trainee at a hotel and still visit this forum every day! It is one of my main tabs on Chrome:

                YouTube - Facebook - TGN - PCGAMER UK - Miami Vice Forum - Battlelog

                Its what i see everyday!! ahaha this community cult is awesome and i shall never leave it! Eagle101/Newcaven/Blackeagle (do i need more game tags?) out.


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                  When I moved from NZ to Australia in Late 2007 I decided to get into gaming after playing Battlefield 2 oniline at an internet cafe with my cousin. After setting my sights on PC gaming, I got a copy of BF2 but didn't get a computer that could play it until early the next year (game was a present from my brother). In the mean time I started lurking here while Playing BF2 at another internet cafe to try to build my skills up and even play with my brother. After a while, and around the time my parents finally got a crappy (but at the time what I needed) Dell Inspiron and I began to play at home.

                  Over time, TGN was the site I always had open. It taught me a lot about the internet that I didn't know without my young mind being completely exposed to what I didn't need to see at the time (keep in mind I was only 13-14 at this point and come from a very sheltered life). I often frequented it more than I played. I stayed on (as is obvious) since then, though I have grown saddened by the lull its experienced since its heyday, having not been in it that long. I do appreciate the work that Zips does. the articles are informative and help.

                  Oh, and not to forget the OP4 clan raid that we had back in '10. I got my first infraction from that .

                  Though if we are


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                    Wai aint dead just really slow, most of the guys pop in every once in a while and there are still some active threads going.


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                      hahah, I think I got my first infraction from Crunch? for cursing xD? Not sure. I believe that and one for having a large signature where the only ones I got.
                      I'd suggest that something that could help us grow would be more community events. Having a VoIp server(mumble/ts/ventrilo/whatever) for us to be able to join and play together more often and easily, and having events such as BF tournaments and such (I believe we used to have those before?). Something similar to what these guys do. I found them because of their post here in the forums:

                      They started organizing this before battlefield 3's release, and a good number of people joined in including me. I remember they already had two big teams formed, with airforce, medics, engineers.. all that good stuff. I ended up not participating in any of the campaigns because they where always late at sunday afternoons in their server, and I could not join them at that time( Most of them where from the UK).
                      I don't know, I'm not really experienced with this. The giveaways Zips does, force the lurkers to create accounts but they don't really participate other than on the giveaway, so I don't really know what someone could do to bring in more people.
                      I also understand that having servers costs money, and as a student that's something I can't really help with.


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                        It wasnt for cursing it was for picking on those new guys that came in here.

                        BF2 brought me here and lurked for a few years. I wanted strategies for the game and how to actually play it. I came into Battlefield at the end of 1942.

                        The only way to bring in more people is to participate. Dont worry about what others may think or if it is "noob".
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                          Hmm... I wonder what I was doing at those moments..........Oh yeah! Kicking a$$ and making controversial threads xD


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                            Originally posted by RedInk View Post
                            Hmm... I wonder what I was doing at those moments..........Oh yeah! Making controversial threads that made almost no sense and then disappear for long periods of time. xD
                            You had some typos. I fixed that for you.
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                            Battlelog/Origin: CptainCrunch


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                              Well if Wai isn't dead yet it is dying.