This will be a quick one.

First, you all have the ability to select which style you want to use here. The default is simply called TGN and it's what you're (probably) seeing now. You can change this by either:
• Going to your account settings page and selecting a different one from a dropdown


• You can change it by selecting it from the dropdown located on the bottom left (in the footer area) of literally every single page on this site.

Secondly, I made some adjustments to how videos are displayed on the site. As you may have noticed, using the [video]URL[/video] BBcode creates a smaller preview of the video. You must click on this preview to expand the video player to a decent size and then click again to watch. This has the benefit of fitting within mobile widths and also slightly speeding up load times for pages with embedded videos.

However, I just now modified the old custom video code to be responsive while also defaulting to the larger video player by default on desktop. This responsive addition is because of the fact that vB5 uses one responsive style for desktop and mobile. Without it, the old YouTube embeds stretched beyond the width of most mobile phones and man does Google hate that.

You can either use the video BBCode (click the film reel icon in the editor for supported sites) or the [yt]VIDEO ID[/yt] code. There is no icon for this manual code because for most users it's better just to use the built-in video code.

Below are examples of the two codes at work. If you want to know what I meant by "responsive" design and are on a desktop, shrink the width of your browser window to different sizes and see how the video player reacts.

This is made by: [video][/video]

This is made by: [yt]RR5kD3-9JEI[/yt]