What happens when "mega influencers" come together to form a game?
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A new game development studio is being cooked up by Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm. This was revealed via a job posting on his website (via PC Gamer). Beahm is currently searching for someone to lead a new gaming studio that has the aim of teaming up "with a select list of mega influencers" in order to create "their dream gaming title."

The job listing continues on to say that the "gaming titles will either be incubated and developed OR partner/co develop with existing indie game developers and launched as mega titles." The listing also briefly mentions things like "esports" and "monetization" which kind of hints at the type of game that Beahm is looking to create with this studio. Beahm is perhaps best known for streaming competitive shooters and battle royale titles.

Prior to being known as a streamer, Beahm did work at Activision as a level designer on the Call of Duty franchise. So, he at least has that going for him. However, the idea of just throwing in a bunch of "mega influencers" together to create a game sounds like a recipe for disaster. There will need to be a lot of massive, universe-sized egos checked at the door. That's not even touching upon the fact that there will be a whole lot of ideas from different people about what would make a "dream game."

If you forgot that Dr Disrespect is even still a thing, you probably aren't alone. He was banned from Twitch last year during the height of the #metoo movement under circumstances that have yet to be revealed. Since then, he has been rather quietly streaming on YouTube.