Mark Cerny wants to talk to you.
PS5 logo

Tomorrow on March 18, Sony's Mark Cerny will host a special broadcast that promises to take a "deep dive" into the next-generation PlayStation, the PlayStation 5. The announcement came earlier today via Twitter.

Mark Cerny, the PlayStation 5's lead architect, will go live at 9AM (PT) through a broadcast found on the PlayStation Blog. He promises to talk about the PlayStation 5 system architecture, "and how it will shape the future of games." Will this be when Sony actually talks about the specs of their next-gen console or will it be more general hints at its capabilities?

Thus far, Sony has had a few "reveals" that revealed very little in comparison to Microsoft and the Xbox Series X. Sony has briefly talked about the faster load times, the updated controller, and they showed off the PS5 logo. Sony's shared details have been disappointing at worst, and underwhelming at best, especially for a console that is supposed to be out in about 8 months. Keep in mind that we knew what the Xbox Series X looked like back in December.

So far, we know that the PlayStation 5 will feature an 8-core CPU and a GPU based on the Radeon Navi architecture from AMD. It will also feature an internal SSD, support 3D audio, and 4K gaming at 120FPS. This sounds a lot like the capabilities of Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Series X. However, unlike Sony, Microsoft actually revealed the finer details of their hardware in a comprehensive deep-dive reveal.

The timing of Sony's PlayStation 5 reveal seems a bit suspect, being announced just one day after Microsoft made their big reveal. However, a rumor being floated around suggests that Sony had actually wanted to make their PlayStation 5 reveal during GDC 2020. Due to fears over the coronavirus, Sony announced that they would not be attending GDC 2020. A few days later, GDC was postponed until some time in the Summer.