Movie-based video games have never been truly successful. Not in the days of DOS, when the shooters based on Terminator and Aliens were flops, not later, when titles like "Enter the Matrix" did much worse than their silver-screen counterpart. Movie-based video games never tried to be successful on their own merit but served as means to extract a few extra bucks from a franchise. Star Wars games are an exception, of course.

There is one category of video games (if we can include them into this category) that are very successful if they choose a movie or a TV show as their source of inspiration. I'm talking about video slot machines, a game category apart. There are quite a few of them out there inspired by popular movies and TV shows, and most of them are loved by their players. Franchises like The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Terminator, and Jurassic Park, that made it to the game library of the Vegas Palms online casino, and all of them were very well received by the players. And, since they are very successful, there are more to come.

Jurassic reels
The Jurassic Park video slot machine was released at the Vegas Palms casino in 2014. It was one of the most anticipated releases ever, and it didn't disappoint: it came with amazing graphics, a great atmosphere, and tons of dinosaurs on its reels. Such a well-received game calls for a sequel - but things are not that simple when it comes to movies, especially if the franchise is revived, like in the case of Jurassic Park.

The players' will is the most important in the gaming industry, so Microgaming - the developer providing the Vegas Palms with its amazing game library - didn't just sit on its hands, but sought to provide them what they wanted. And they were successful in their endeavor: they are currently preparing a Jurassic World inspired video slot machine for release. The game is in the works, set to be released sometime before the end of this year.

King of the Jungle
Dinosaurs are not the only beloved movie characters to make it in the Vegas Palms' game library. Microgaming has signed another important licensing agreement this summer, this time with the Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Under the deal, the developer will get the permission to develop at least one new slot machine based on one of the most filmed characters of all time, John Clayton, Viscount of Greystoke - also known as Tarzan.

There is no word on what movies the game will reach out to for inspiration - but hopefully, it will feature the iconic call we all know from the earliest Tarzan movies where the role of the jungle man slash English noble was played by Hungarian actor and competitive swimmer Johnny Weissmuller.