Because Bungie so loves their fans, they decided to team up with Red Bull to give a piece of timed exclusive content to those who purchase specially marked cans of the energy drink. Not only that, but it's only on specially marked Red Bull drinks that you can only get from 7/11 stores.

The cans provide two bonuses. The first is an in-game bonus XP consumable that grants a 50% XP bonus for 30 minutes. You can redeem multiple codes for multiple bonus XP consumables.

The second is the real kicker. The code also opens up a "multi-stage mission in The Taken King." This content is supposedly a timed exclusive piece of content that may come to non-Red Bull drinkers at a later date. Yes, content is being locked away and those who are still fans of the game at this point but who do not have access to a 7/11 are up the creek without a paddle, so to speak.

Surprisingly, this sort of consumer unfriendly move from Bungie is still not the worst thing they've done to insult their fanbase this week.