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  • Want Final Fantasy 16? Just Buy a PlayStation 5

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    Want Final Fantasy 16? Just Buy a PlayStation 5

    Producer Naoki Yoshida seems to suggest a PC release isn't happening at all.

    When Square Enix first revealed Final Fantasy XVI it wasn't really clear if the game would be released later on PC. Most of us kind of assumed it would be since, you know, every other Final Fantasy has come to PC eventually. The initial trailer reveal, still up on YouTube courtesy of IGN, even says "also available on PC" in fine print at the bottom in the final seconds of the trailer.

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  • Final Fantasy XVI 'Ambition' Trailer

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    Final Fantasy XVI 'Ambition' Trailer

    A new trailer for the timed PS5 exclusive released today.

    Square Enix showed off a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI today. The trailer is entitled "Ambition" and it aims to give you a look at the game's backstory. This includes a deeper look at the realm of Valisthea, including the Dominants, a group of "single men and women who are blessed with the ability to call upon a dread power, which is unlike anything ever seen in the series."

    Final Fantasy...
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  • Final Fantasy 16 Coming to PlayStation 5 in Summer 2023

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    Final Fantasy 16 Coming to PlayStation 5 in Summer 2023

    No other platforms were announced.

    Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XVI (16) will be released summer 2023 for the PlayStation 5. The press release by Square Enix makes no mention of any other platform for this game.

    The newest trailer shown off earlier this evening seems to focus on battles between Eikons (summons) and other giant foes such as other Eikons.

    Square Enix says that Final Fantasy XVI is fully playable from start to finish at this current...
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  • Final Fantasy 16 Delayed Due to COVID

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    Final Fantasy 16 Delayed Due to COVID

    Another game has been delayed due to the pandemic.

    Over the holiday weekend, Square Enix confirmed that thanks to the always and forever COVID-19 pandemic, development on Final Fantasy 16 has been delayed by "almost a half year." The next big reveal for the upcoming RPG won't happen until Spring 2022.

    The game's producer Naoki Yoshida revealed this news on Twitter. Not only did Yoshida deliver this unfortunate news, but he also took the time to apologize to fans....
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  • Final Fantasy XVI Announced

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    Final Fantasy XVI Announced

    Coming to PlayStation 5 and maybe PC? Who knows anymore.

    Today at the PlayStation 5 Showcase, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XVI for the PlayStation 5. During the event, the trailer was shown off on a PC emulating PS5 hardware. At the end of the Showcase trailer, it said Final Fantasy XVI was also coming to PC.

    The standalone trailer, embedded below, mentions nothing about the PC.

    So this PC release is stuck in limbo somewhere and neither Square Enix...
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