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  • Elex 2 was Just Released

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    Elex 2 was Just Released

    Another vast open world RPG was just released.

    It's now time to become the hero of Magalan. The sci-fi RPG Elex II was just released today for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X|S.

    Just like a couple other action-RPGs released these past couple of weeks, Elex II offers players an open world to explore at their leisure. The game features five major factions that have their own story arcs that you can work your way through. The lands of Magalan...
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  • NewsBits: Rollback Edition

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    NewsBits: Rollback Edition


    You ever have think, "Hey, it's 1AM, let's do something stupid!" Because let me tell you, I sure as hell had that thought last night. Let's just say mistakes, actually several of them, were made. One such mistake was the fact that I neglected to perform a full site backup before I proceeded to do several more stupid things. This led to just being unable to do anything with the server.

    My plan was to restore a backup from earlier in the week. I decided,...
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  • THQ Showcase Revealed Six New Games

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    THQ Showcase Revealed Six New Games

    And here they are...

    Did you miss the 30-minute long THQ Showcase that aired just a short while ago today? Hey, don't worry about that too much. The good news for you is that we have all of the major announcements that were made contained in a bite sized news post right here. It's almost like a Newsbits in everything but name.

    We have fresh information on these games: Destroy All Humans 2, Outcast 2, Superpower III, MX vs. ATV Legends, Jagged Alliance 3, ELEX II, Expeditions:...
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  • Elex II was Announced

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    Elex II was Announced

    Those Gothic devs are at it again.

    Elex II was announced today as a direct sequel to Elex, the open-world RPG from the development studio behind the Gothic and Risen franchises. Piranha Bites invites fans to adventure through the post-apocalyptic sci-fi world of Magalan. This locations features "massive environments that can be explored with unrivalled freedom via jetpack."

    Players will take on the role of Jax at a time where a new threat arrives on the scene...
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