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  • The Steam Awards 2019 - All the Winners (and Losers)

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    The Steam Awards 2019 - All the Winners (and Losers)

    The results are in...

    The votes have been tallied and the winners for the 2019 Steam Awards have just been revealed. Steam users from all around the globe have spent weeks first nominating and then voting on the best PC releases of the year. Just a short time ago, Valve have revealed the final results of the voting portion of The Steam Awards.

    Without further ado, here are all of the winners, as selected by the Steam Community. For the hell of it, the list will also include...
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  • Valve Reveals the Best Selling and Most Played Games of 2019

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    Valve Reveals the Best Selling and Most Played Games of 2019

    As told through copies sold through Steam and total play time.

    Though the 2019 Steam Award winners are yet to be announced (December 31 at 10AM PT), that didn't stop Valve from sharing what some of 2019's best games were. Valve put together a look at "The Best of 2019" as told through Steam's top-sellers, the most played on Steam, and what some of the best new releases were throughout the year.

    Valve broke down the games into five different categories that include: ...
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  • 4 VR Games Worth Trying Before Half-Life: Alyx

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    4 VR Games Worth Trying Before Half-Life: Alyx

    We couldn’t control our excitement when Valve announced the latest title in the Half-Life series (though it’s not Half-Life 3) recently. The company is calling the game its VR flagship, so you’ll need a VR headset if you want to play it. If you already have one, great. If you don’t, well, it’s up to you to buy a headset or be satisfied playing your favourite mobile casinos in the UK. But one thing is for sure — you wouldn’t want to jump into Alyx without any VR experience beforehand. This is...
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  • Beat Saber Studio Acquired by Oculus

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    Beat Saber Studio Acquired by Oculus

    The devs behind one of the most popular VR titles is now with Oculus.

    When you think of popular VR titles, Beat Saber is probably one of the few titles that constantly comes to mind. Whether you have VR on the PC, Oculus devices, HTC devices, the Index, or PlayStation VR, Beat Saber is just one of those "must try" titles that you kind of suggest everyone tries.

    The success of Beat Saber has not gone unnoticed by Oculus Studios. Today, they announced that they...
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  • Oculus Announces 'Rift S' and 'Quest' VR Headsets Releasing May 21 at $400 Each

    Oculus held their F8 event today during which they revealed two new and very different VR headsets. In comparison to the also just announced $1,000 Valve Index, these two Oculus headsets start at $400 (or $399 if you want to be specific), and that's the price for the full package on both of these.

    A major advantage with these two headsets, when compared to the Index, is the fact that they utilize inside-out tracking. That means they make use of headset mounted cameras and sensors...
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  • 2018 Games of the Year

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    2018 Games of the Year

    A week or two ago I took you through some of the games I felt were the worst video games in 2018. There were a variety of reasons included for why those games made that list, ranging from the games just being broken to the games just being boring.

    Today, we're going in the opposite direction. Today, we are going to look at some of the best games of 2018. The list, with one exception is in no real particular order. I will try to keep it brief since this is probably already a...
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