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  • Battlefield V Patch 4.2.2 Coming Tonight - More Crash Issues Fixed

    Battlefield V Patch 4.2.2 Coming Tonight - More Crash Issues Fixed

    Update starts rolling out at 1AM.

    DICE just released the details for the forthcoming 4.2.2 update coming tonight to Battlefield V. This update will be for all platforms. On the PC it will weigh in at about 800MB and on the Xbox One it will be roughly 50MB. Those on the PlayStation 4 will apparently just have to roll the dice on how big their update will be.

    As of right now, the update will begin rolling out at 1AM (PT) beginning with the PC. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One...
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  • Battlefield V Chapter 4 Hotfix 1.1 Update Addresses Poor Hit Registration

    Invisibility bug still remains.

    DICE will release a hotfix patch for Battlefield V Chapter 4 tomorrow. This comes roughly a week after a fairly disastrous update introduced a number of game breaking bugs to the game.

    While this update may not fix all of the top issues introduced in that last patch, it does tackle a few of them. It must be stated that today's update does not address the issue of invisible character models. This issue, introduced in the last update, is still...
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  • Massive Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update Coming January 15

    The second chapter in the ongoing Battlefield V "Tides of War" evolving journey is finally here. Earlier today, DICE and EA rolled out the changelog for Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes and with it comes a few new pieces of content, some gameplay adjustments, and more.

    Please note that this update will not be out until January 15 at 4AM (ET) for PC, 5AM for PlayStation 4, and 6AM for the Xbox One.

    We're looking at three new weapons, two new tanks, the addition...
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