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  • A Cataclysm Hits Anthem, But Nobody Knew

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    A Cataclysm Hits Anthem, But Nobody Knew

    The end came not with a bang, but a whimper.

    Yesterday, BioWare and EA released the long-awaited Cataclysm update for Anthem. This had promised to be a major event in the Anthem timeline but it was met with some rather unfortunate setbacks when BioWare decided to push back nearly the entirety of their planned update release schedule for the game. The first major delay came back in April when several major features, including Cataclysm, were delayed until an undetermined time.

    It looks as though that time is now, at least as far as the Cataclysm...
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  • BioWare Breaks Silence - Launches Anthem Test Server and 1.2.0 Update

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    BioWare Breaks Silence - Launches Anthem Test Server and 1.2.0 Update

    It's the first new Anthem news in over a month.

    If you were to ask BioWare how games as a service (GAAS) was working out for Anthem you may be met with some anxious tugging at collars and cold sweats in response. For well over a month, the EA owned studio has been radio silent on just what in the world was going on with the game.

    May mostly came and went without so much as a peep about the big Cataclysm event that was originally intended to begin this month. In fact, there wasn't really a peep about anything else either. The studio had gone dark...
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  • Anthem 1.0.4 Patch Released - Allows Players to Access Forge Without a Load Screen

    In reading through the 1.0.4 patch notes for Anthem, there was something that caught my eye. No, it wasn't the improvements to the loot drops. No, it wasn't the buffs and changes to various Javelin components. No, it wasn't the multitude of bug fixes and general gameplay improvements. No, it wasn't the addition of Nvidia Highlights support, nor the addition of multiple FOV sliders for the PC, nor the addition of DLSS support for RTX cards.

    Nope, it was the fact that BioWare patched out a load screen. Specifically, they patched out a load screen when...
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  • BioWare Releases Anthem 1.0.3 Patch in Rare Saturday Update

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    BioWare Releases Anthem 1.0.3 Patch in Rare Saturday Update

    The 1.0.3 patch for Anthem just dropped earlier today for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 players. While it isn't unnecessarily unusual to see another patch released for a game that has had a few issues, it is unusual to see a patch released on a weekend. Yet here we are on a Saturday talking about the latest patch for the game. That's fine, I didn't want a day off either.

    Notable changes in this patch include a huge number of fixes and improvements to the game. These include fixes for crashes, fixes for Titans that spawned too frequently, and more....
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  • Day One Patch Notes for Anthem Released

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    Day One Patch Notes for Anthem Released

    The "day one patch" for Anthem has just been detailed by BioWare and EA. This is the update that will be required for players to download prior to hopping into Anthem on February 22. As far as I can see, this update has not yet been released to those playing on either EA Access or Origin Access.

    The update contains a decent list of fixes and quality of life improvements. Notably, it addresses the overly long loading times that many players have been very vocally complaining about. It also helps to address infinite loading screen issues, crash bugs, and more.

    The full list of changes can be found below. ...
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