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  • Anthem is Officially Dead

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    Anthem is Officially Dead

    Goodnight, sweet prince.

    Anthem and by relation, Anthem NEXT, is officially dead. This decision came after EA execs weighed their options for the game earlier this month. The official word on the game's cancellation came moments ago in a new write-up from BioWare's Christian Dailey. This means there is no hope for improvements coming to Anthem and all of the work that has gone into Anthem NEXT is now wasted development time.

    Anthem NEXT began kicking into full development...
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  • Anthem's Fate Decided this Week

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    Anthem's Fate Decided this Week

    Will it live or die? Only EA knows right now.

    According to a new report by Bloomberg, the fate of Anthem's future might be decided later this week. The company seems unsure whether or not they are going to continue investing in the massive overhaul currently underway for their "failed" looter-shooter.

    What we know right now is that EA execs will be meeting this week to determine whether or not they will abandon the BioWare game for good or let it continue on...
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  • Anthem is Reportedly Getting a Complete Overhaul

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    Anthem is Reportedly Getting a Complete Overhaul

    Well, it worked for Final Fantasy 14 and No Man's Sky.

    According to a new report from Kotaku, BioWare may be working hard on a complete overhaul for Anthem. According to their sources, this overhaul of the game has been coined "Anthem 2.0" or "Anthem Next."

    As of right now, the team doesn't even know yet how this overhaul should be distributed. It seems as though BioWare is still trying to figure out if the updates should be released all at once or...
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