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Total Gaming Network launches the EncyClanPedia

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  • Total Gaming Network launches the EncyClanPedia

    Today marks the launch of the EncyClanPedia. This is a new website created by MyInternetServices that serves as an encyclopedia for gamers. In this website you can find personal pages that people have created for themselves, pages that clans have set up, and on top of all that, you can find some good old gaming information. Whether it be the name of one of Battlefield 2's mappers or the year in which Total Battlefield 2 was founded, you're sure to find it in the EncyClanPedia.

    Similar to other popular online encyclopedias, the EncyClanPedia gives its readers the opportunity to become its editors. As long as you are registered on the site, feel free to add as much information as you see fit.

    This was a massive undertaking which can be credited to TGN's own Dairuka. With his efforts as well as the effort of various volunteers from the Total Gaming Network, this project has finally become a reality.

    As mentioned, to access all of the features on the site, you must be registered. It is currently planned that the site will be integrated into TGN's database, but until then, please make sure you register with the same username and e-mail address you use on the Total Gaming Network forums for the integration to be successful in the future. An announcement will be made when the databases will be integrated.

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    I'm proud to have helped to get this project's foundation started.

    It may be small now, but in time who knows how large it'll become.

    I'm anxious to see how the EncyClanPedia evolves as it progresses.


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      Ah, good to see it finally released.

      Anything gaming/computer related can appear, so head over there and get


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        I'd also like to remind everyone that this is not just clan-based articles. We're servicing everything related to gaming. Descriptions of games, publishers, rating systems, tips and tactics, even some discussion on hacks and their prevalence. If you can think it up, you can probably find somewhere to put it.


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          Why is it on ROE? That's just stupid. It should be on the main site...


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            Originally posted by Sir. Xodus View Post
            Why is it on ROE? That's just stupid. It should be on the main site...
            I know. The reason it's not on the main site is because the main site does not have PHP 5 as of right now. It's only temporarily being hosted on the RoE site. When we get PHP 5 on this server (I'm guessing in a month or less), then everything will be moved over to the central TGN server which is more equipped to handle the load. Believe me, I would have loved to have the integration working right now... Unfortunately, that didn't happen.


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              The administrative staff will be adding content to the EncyClanPedia on a daily or weekly basis. So always be sure to check in every now and then.

              Of course, we'd absolutely love it if a couple people decided to pitch in, and write up a couple articles on their favorite games as well.

              Please note that there is absolutely no restriction on what games go into the EncyClanPedia. This goes for clans too. You could write an article on a Sega Master System game, and we'd praise you for it. Likewise, you could be a guild from Meridian 59, and we'd still consider you for the Featured Clan of the month!

              So don't be shy! Add whatever you want, so long as it relates to gaming!


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                Thanks guys, you did a heck of a job so far. I'm working on a page for our community as we speak. Keep up the good work


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                  Hello Dairuka, Remember me ?


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                    Originally posted by GeneralPatton View Post
                    Hello Dairuka, Remember me ?

                    Hopefully people'll recognize you from here:


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                      Nice addition, Dai. Youve inspired me to do some "homework" of my own.


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                        Please also note that the EncyClanPedia has it's own forums now:

                        Homepage for Total Gaming Network and CS-Nation. Get the latest video game news, previews, and reviews on a daily basis.

                        Originally posted by Chris_Redfield View Post
                        Nice addition, Dai. Youve inspired me to do some "homework" of my own.
                        I have, have I?

                        I also hope people take the time to stop by our other featured pages too.

                        Nick Burnes from the professional clan Team Dynamic is December's Featured Player for example.

                        Battlefield 2 is also December's Featured Game.

                        I even took the time to write up a review of BF2. Of course, I'd prefer if people wrote their own reviews on their favorite games, and submitted them to me via the new EncyClanPedia forum. (Just the text will do.)

                        That way each month's review has a different flavor and flare.