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    Bus Simulator 18
    PC owners can now pick up Bus Simulator 18, and then maybe drop it off at the next stop assuming that the next stop is their PC hard drive. Weak bus related jokes, that's what I'm here for.
    The gripping bus simulation game for PC is now available in retail and via download in digital stores. Bus drivers who would like to try their luck with creating their own bus models, new maps, cities and other equipment will be happy to see the simultaneous release of the Bus Simulator 18: Modding Kit, which will be available free of charge for owners of the main game at the Steam Workshop!

    In Bus Simulator 18 players will have the unique opportunity to create their very own bus company either solo in single player mode or together with up to three friends in multiplayer mode and lead it to success in the fictional European city of Seaside Valley. During the course of the game they will be able to access and drive eight officially licensed and lovingly recreated bus models by the worldwide renowned makers Mercedes-Benz, MAN, IVECO BUS and Setra.

    In the course of the game driving their own buses will not be the only important task for bus enthusiasts, they will also manage their aspiring bus company, create new bus lines, hire new drivers and complete entertaining missions to gain access to more and more city districts and buses.

    Thanks to the new progression system as well as a wide range of special events and features the game will offer long-term entertainment even for players after they have successfully unlocked all buses and city districts, as this system will enable them to focus on the further advancement of their bus company.

    Creative bus drivers will also be happy to hear of the release of the Bus Simulator 18: Modding KitSteam Workshop, where other players will be able to download and add them to their own game.

    Bus Simulator 18 is available for $34.99 (USD) in both retail stores and digital stores. The Steam release has a special 10% discount.