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Quake Champions June Update Hits Early Access Today

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  • Quake Champions June Update Hits Early Access Today

    Quake Champions
    The latest update for Quake Champions was released today for everyone playing the Early Access release. This month's update includes "bots, gore, and new features galore" according to this here press release. There's also an updated store just to help out the alliteration.
    • Quake

    • Gibbing enemies into a misty flower of blood and guts has been a key part of all id games, and Quake Champions


    • Community feedback is more important than ever, and because of one of the most vibrant and fun communities in gaming, the team has also added the following changes to the game:
      • Multi-Mode Play Lists: Killer Cam and Stacks: Quake ChampionsTeam Health and Armor Stacks: In team-based modes, the Health and Armor stacks of allies will show onscreen so players can decide whether to suck up that Mega-Health for themselves or leave it for their barely surviving friend.
      • New Progression and Loot Systems: Earning XP has been adjusted to help people climb levels faster. In addition, players who choose to play in parties will receive bonus XP and Favor. Backpacks, Chests and Reliquaries also now have a lower number of duplicates and Shards can be used to purchase Chests. The entire system is faster, easier, and more rewarding than ever.
      • Balance Changes: In addition to the more on-the-surface improvements, Quake Champions is receiving some under-the-hood tweaks to improve the overall balance of the game. These changes include alterations to movement speed, health and armor stacks for Light, Medium and Heavy Champions as well as changes to certain weapon statistics and specific Champions abilities.

    You can play Quake Champions right now for $30 from either Bethesda directly or via Steam.