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  • ONRUSH Beta Dates Announced

    The open beta for ONRUSH has been dated for Thursday, May 17. This was confirmed today by Codemasters and Deep Silver. The starting time will be 2PM (BST) and will conclude at 10AM on Monday, May 20 for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    Players who pre-order the game will be able to hop into the beta earlier than the non-pre-order plebs. This early beta date is slated for May 15.

    The beta will include two tracks (Big Dune Beach and Crater Lake) along with a variety of weather conditions and various times of day. Here are some additional details on the vehicles and modes available in this beta.
    - Overdrive
    - Countdown

    - Firewall: RUSHing leaves a destructive trail of fire behind
    - Crashbang: Your Tombstones are blinding when collected by opponents
    - Tumbler: Earn RUSH directly from front and back flips

    - Turbulence: RUSHing leaves a disruptive wake of turbulent air behind
    - Touchdown: Timed boost landings are more effective
    - Spiral: Earn RUSH directly from performing barrel rolls

    - Rampage: Refill your RUSH gauge with every successful takedown
    - Surge: Initial boost usage is more powerful but more costly
    - Pinpoint: Earn RUSH directly from performing near misses

    - Blockade: RUSHing drops a trail of blockades that slow your opponents down
    - Shield: Give nearby teammates a shield that offers protection from big hits
    - Impact: Earn RUSH directly from taking down opponents

    The game will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 5. Be sure to check out our previous ONRUSH coverage for more information.

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