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Stardew Valley Online Multiplayer Beta Begins

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  • Stardew Valley Online Multiplayer Beta Begins

    Stardew Valley multiplayer beta
    There is some big news today for those that have been patiently waiting for online multiplayer to come to Stardew Valley. It's here. Well, it's kind of here. A beta for the online multiplayer began today and you can dive into it right now if you are prepared to potentially deal with a few issues.

    Here is how you can participate in the Stardew Valley V1.3 beta and get your first taste of online multiplayer.
    How do I opt into the beta?
    Stardew Valley multiplayer beta

    The development team strongly urges you to back up your saves before you hop into the beta. They emphasize that this is a beta and things can and quite possibly will break.

    Stardew Valley multiplayer will support up to four players farming, mining, fishing, and marrying. Things like the farm, money, and world updates are all shared between players. Inventory, skills, and relationships with NPCs are all separate. However, you can access offline players' inventories through their chests in their cabins.

    The full slew of details, important for anybody interested in testing this multiplayer beta out, can be found on the Stardew Valley website. Be sure to report any issues to the official forums. The release date (non-beta) for this update is not yet determined.