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Robert the Bruce Leads Scotland in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

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  • Robert the Bruce Leads Scotland in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

    Civilization VI: Rise and Fall - Robert the Bruce
    What's this, yet another leader reveal for Civilization VI: Rise and Fall? Yep. This time we get to meet Robert the Bruce as the leader of Scotland.

    Scotland gets the Highlander as their unique unit.
    The feared and respected Scottish Highlanders were ferocious on the battlefield. In fact, some scholars say that even the Vikings knew to avoid the nation. Starting in the sixteenth century, though, highlanders began trading in their bows for gunpowder firearms. By the 1700s, the Scottish highlands were in constant conflict, be it rebels, criminals or warring clans. King George I ordered the formation of what would be called “The Black Watch”, to help keep the peace. They served so well that by 1739 they were formed into His Majesty’s 42nd Regiment and shipped out to North America. Replacing the Ranger in Civilization VI, this strong recon unit gains a Combat Strength bonus fighting on hill and forest terrain.

    The unique structure is the golf course. Scotland's unique leader ability is the Bannockburn and the unique Civ ability is Scottish Enlightenment.
    The true origins of golf remain debated, dating back to the Chinese, Persians and Romans, but we trace the modern game of golf to 15th-century Scotland. One of the earliest written records comes from James II's Act of Parliament of 6 March 1457, which banned golf and football. The reason: It was an unwelcome distraction to learning archery at a time when military training was compulsory for males over 12.

    This once-banned pastime provides a number of bonuses for Scotland in Civilization VI. A Golf Course provides additional Amenity, Gold and Culture if placed adjacent to a City Center. It also provides additional Culture when located near an Entertainment Complex. Later in the game, it yields additional Tourism and Housing bonuses. Golf Course tiles can’t be swapped or placed in the Desert and Desert Hills.

    The Battle of Bannockburn was a turning point in the Scot’s fight for independence from England. Estimates vary, but the English force – at least 50% larger than what the Bruce army was able to muster – suffered huge casualties. As a result, Scottish led raids into English territories. This translates into some war bonuses for the Scottish. Robert the Bruce can declare a War of Liberation after gaining the Defensive Tactics Civic. You also gain bonus Production and additional movement during a War of Liberation.

    The 18th and 19th century marked a period of great scientific and intellectual achievements for the Scottish people. Discoveries in the sciences, math, literature – to Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations,” which became the foundational economic theory that had immediate impacts for England back then and the modern world, today. Happy Cities receive additional Science and Production. They also generate a Great Scientist point per campus and a Great Engineer point per Industrial Zone.

    Civilization VI: Rise and Fall will be released on February 8, 2018. I do believe this means the reveals of new leaders is finally winding down.