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New South Park Game Reportedly Ties Difficulty with Skin Color

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  • New South Park Game Reportedly Ties Difficulty with Skin Color

    According to some new gameplay captured of the upcoming South Park: The Fractured But Whole title, the difficulty slider for the game is actually tied to your character's skin color.

    That is to say, the "easy" difficulty will have your character be white while the "very difficult" end will find your character being black. This also alters how much money your character will make throughout the game and how NPCs respond to your character.

    The game will also respond to what gender you select for your character be that choice male, female, or "other." Players then also specify if they are cisgender or transgender, again leading to specific dialog responses from some NPCs.

    These attempts at social observations have been met with some rather mixed reactions online. Some are praising the game for what they feel is very appropriate social commentary about our current world. Others are saying that this is all just a cheap attempt at a punchline at the expense of those who face these real-world prejudices and stereotypes every day.

    The video and information both come from Eurogamer.