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Sea of Thieves E3 2017 4K Gameplay

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  • Sea of Thieves E3 2017 4K Gameplay

    Who likes seeing new gameplay for a highly anticipated title from Rare? You're damn right you do! Enjoy this new 4K gameplay footage from Sea of Thieves as shown off during Microsoft's E3 2017 conference.
    Developed by Rare, the legendary creators of "Perfect Dark" and "Banjo-Kazooie," "Sea of Thieves" is an immersive, shared-world adventure game filled with pirates, unexpected dangers and loot for the taking. Explore, fight and live the pirate life together in a unique co-op experience that combines the thrill of adventuring together with friends with the unpredictability of a shared ocean and its threats, both from other players and the world itself. Available worldwide as an Xbox Play Anywhere title in early 2018.

    As noted, this game is exclusive to the Xbox platform and Windows 10.