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Rime DRM Cracked; Developer Moves Forward on Promise to Remove DRM for All

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  • Rime DRM Cracked; Developer Moves Forward on Promise to Remove DRM for All

    Earlier today it was reported that the DRM used for RiME was cracked. That DRM is, of course, Denuvo. Given that the game just came out on the 26th, this might be a new record for how quickly a Denuvo game was cracked.

    RiME's developer, Grey Box, had promised that if the DRM was cracked that they would remove it for everyone.

    True to their word, they are moving forward with doing precisely that.
    Hi everybody,

    We wanted to give you an update regarding the use of Denuvo anti-tamper software in RiME. Today, we got word that there was a crack which would bypass Denuvo. Upon receiving this news, we worked to test this and verify that it was, in fact, the case. We have now confirmed that it is. As such, we at Team Grey Box are following through on our promise from earlier this week that we will be replacing the current build of RiME with one that does not contain Denuvo. Please make sure your PC version of RiME has been updated, if it has not done so automatically.

    Team Grey Box is also committed both to supporting the games we publish and to our player base, so this is definitely not the final update you will see with RiME. We are currently working on our first traditional patch, which we are aiming to release next week. This patch will provide a fix for the VR initialization bug, and will also provide a fix to some specific instances of hardware-related crashes, among other updates which will be detailed at the time. We sincerely thank players who have reported issues, and a special thanks to those who have worked with us to provide additional details, DxDiag files, and the like. We want to continue giving you the best product we possibly can.

    Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns you may have. Thanks again for your continued support!

    Tim "Dariuas" Slager
    RiME Community Manager

    This was posted just a few hours ago on the official Grey Box website. In an interesting twist, this news might be even better than some owners realize. Some of the pirates have remarked that the game ran better once Denuvo was removed. Denuvo, of course, denies that there is any performance impact. I don't know what the reality is as I haven't played the game yet, so you're free to believe whomever you want on this one.

    The short of it is, Denuvo is being removed (or is already removed depending on when you read this) from all copies of RiME on the PC.