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Microsoft Rebrands Beam Streaming Service as Mixer

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  • Microsoft Rebrands Beam Streaming Service as Mixer

    Earlier today, Microsoft pulled the plug on the name "Beam" and unleashed "Mixer" onto the world. Their streaming service, a Twitch competitor if you will, has undergone a total rebranding today in addition to receiving some new features.

    Matt Salsamendi, co-founder of Mixer and the engineering lead, explained why the team decided to go with the new name.

    Today's rebranding also came alongside the addition of co-streaming. This feature allows up to four PC streamers combine their broadcasts into a split-screen view on one page. This is something that is typically only done via third parties for services like Twitch ( for example). This co-stream ability will come to Xbox One users in a few weeks.

    Also released today is a beta for Mixer Create on iOS and Android. This program will allow for self-broadcasting. The team says that they will soon add the ability to stream live gameplay from your mobile devices as well.