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Quake Champions "Slash" Champion Trailer

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  • Quake Champions "Slash" Champion Trailer

    A new video for Quake Champions came out today. This one shines a light on Slash, the "Roller Queen of the Arenas." Just as a reminder, you can still sign up for the Quake Champions closed beta, which begins very soon.
    She’s fast, brash and a viciously effective warrior for skilled fraggers. Her Plasma Trail ability punishes enemies who follow too close and allows her to strategically encircle key points and power-ups in a crushing wall of suffering. On her skates, she’s fast and nimble, and using Crouch Slide only increases her mobility around corners.

    CHAMPION PROFILE: Slash – Roller Queen

    Starting Statistics:
    • Starting Health: 100
    • Starting Armor: 25
    • Speed: 310

    Active Ability – Plasma Trail: Activating Slash’s Active Ability leaves a bright trail of destruction in her wake, inflicting damage on enemies careless enough to pass through the wall of pain. Players can also choose to hit their ability button again, causing the trail to explode, inflicting massive damage to Champions in the area. Cut off key paths or encircle enemies or power-ups in a crushing barrier of suffering.

    Passive Ability – Crouch Slide: Slash is already super mobile, but by crouching while running, she’ll use her skates to go into Crouch Slide, allowing her to move full speed while crouching and whip around corners smoother and faster than other Champions.