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Spread the Zombie Love with Zombie Night Terror

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  • Spread the Zombie Love with Zombie Night Terror

    Zombie Night Terror was released earlier today on PC. It's a quaint little game that tasks you with spreading a virus that turns people into zombies. It's really a tales as old as time here.

    The game looks to play a lot like an updated zombie filled version of the classic Lemmings games.
    Control each moment of the zombie outbreak, spreading the virus as thoroughly as possible, and lead your own zombie horde using special mutations to bypass traps, and turn uncooperative prey into brain-hungry allies. But beware, not all humans are useless meatbags, some will fight back in inventive ways. So this summer, forget about saving the world. After all, the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse is to BE the zombie apocalypse!

    Zombie Night Terror is available today in stores worldwide, including, Steam, Humble Store, and Green Man Gaming. Choose from the standard, game-only edition or the Special Edition containing exclusive wallpapers and the original soundtrack.

    As that handy PR quote informed you, there are two variations of the game. There is one with just the game and there is another that also includes wallpapers and the game's soundtrack.

    You can pick it up for 15% off during the launch window from places like Steam,, and more.