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Farpoint Announced - Space Adventure Coming to PlayStation VR

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  • Farpoint Announced - Space Adventure Coming to PlayStation VR

    An "unnerving VR space adventure" is coming soon for the PlayStation VR. It's called Farpoint and it's currently in development from Impulse Gear. This is Impulse Gear's first game.
    Developed exclusively for play in PlayStation VR, Farpoint is an unnerving space adventure set on a hostile alien world. After crash landing you have to fight to survive as you explore and uncover the planet’s secrets. Your only hope of escape is to keep moving and discover the fate of your team.

    Impulse Gear is a small independent developer based in downtown San Francisco. We founded Impulse Gear with one very important mission: to create virtual reality games that would live up to the expectations of you, the gamer. To do that, we worked closely with SIE to develop an entirely new way to play games with the PS VR Aim Controller.

    The PS VR Aim Controller offers the most realistic and precise way to control our game. With direct 1 to 1 tracking, you aim in Farpoint just as you would in real life. How you hold and where you point the controller are directly matched in the game. This allows you to do things in Farpoint that just are not possible in a standard FPS game. It also provides an unbelievable sense of presence in the virtual world.

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