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New Invention Elite Skill Added to RuneScape

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  • New Invention Elite Skill Added to RuneScape

    Jagex Games Studio added the new "Invention" skill today in RuneScape. It is apparently the game's "first Elite Skill." Sounds fancy!
    Invention allows high-level players to augment and customize existing weapons and armor with a wide selection of perks. This new skill tier differs from those long established in RuneScape, as Invention is not immediately unlocked for players. Instead, this skill must be earned by reaching level 80 in other skills, namely Smithing, Crafting and Divination.

    The introduction of Invention makes it possible for players to optimize their favorite weapons - making them killers in all situations, or creating whole armories of gear perfect against dragons, demons and other malevolent creatures. Players can also take on bosses with negative perks to see if they can overcome the challenge, or search out weird and wacky perks like 'Hallucination.' Furthermore, technologically advanced devices can be discovered, such as mechanized Chinchompas and pogo sticks, allowing players to feel like true scientific pioneers in Gielinor.

    This latest content update is part of RunScape's year long 15th anniversary celebration. I can't help but wonder what other goodies RuneScape fans have to look forward to throughout the rest of the year.