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Tactical Shooter Epsilon Hits Steam Early Access

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  • Tactical Shooter Epsilon Hits Steam Early Access

    Earlier this week a new tactical shooter from developer Serellan (Takedown: Red Sabre) hit Steam Early Access. The game is called Epsilon and it might scratch that itch left by the omission of a single player campaign in Rainbow Six Siege. You can check out the Early Access release of Epsilon on Steam for $7.99 (USD).
    Epsilon is a hybrid stealth-action near-future tactical shooter where pre-planning and commanding your squad is essential for survival. Through high intensity kinetic operations, Epsilon is the unit tasked by Unipol to counter Eastern European militias engaged in human trafficking.

    They also released a mission statement and additional information about the team and the game.
    Early Access, what does that mean for this game?
    Our plan is to build a solid core game, which we are releasing for $7.99 (USD). This includes one core story mission, a core set of weapons, and a game mode that rewards use of non-lethal weapons. As we add new features and content, such as new maps, weapons, gadgets, and play options such as co-op, the price of the game will increase for new players, ending up at a $39.99 price point when the game is finished. The earlier in development you buy, the lower price you pay and will receive all future content until the game is complete.

    This allows us to prioritize features and content based on community feedback, so the earlier you buy in, the more impact you will have on development.

    Epsilon is currently in Pre-Alpha status, so you will see many bugs and work in progress features. We hope you will provide thorough constructive feedback so we can continually improve and add to this game, much like we have already been doing with our Community Testing Group (which you can apply to join at here.)

    Who is Serellan?
    We’re a dedicated small team of 5 folks (1-Programmer, 1-Designer, 1-Environment Artist, 1-Rigger/Technical Animator, 1-Producer) passionate about keeping tactical Squad-based gameplay alive.

    “Isn’t this the team that made Takedown: Red Sabre?”

    Yes! Takedown is owned by a publisher who is no longer financially supporting the title.

    So Epsilon is born!

    (h/t to K-16 for this news submission)
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    Thank you Zips! What I will say is that currently Unreal Engine 4 is finicky when it comes to capture software, so I'm not entirely sure when it'll be good for streaming. Some can capture, others get a black screen. I mean, I've seen YouTube videos on it, so it really depends on how nice the engine is to your software (don't know which ones will work). Here's hoping Epic Games updates it as soon as possible. Serellan's also waiting on FOV features to be implemented so they can make aim down sights look nicer. But again, thanks for posting this up! Spread the word, and as always, ask Serellan anything. They're always available to talk!

    Remember, this game has squad AI for you to command, a complete planning phase including a map to set waypoints and security cameras to tag enemies on to your map, a storyline with no American protagonists and no nuclear weapons, lethal and non-lethal options, gadgets like SWAT 4's Opticam, and slow tactical gameplay where rushing will only get you killed. Oh and everybody gets access to any weapon. No class restriction bullcrap. As for multiplayer? Further down the line. They're a team of five people who spent about a year on this game. Give them time to polish singleplayer first. We got other multiplayer tactical shooters to play in the meantime.

    More info on the game:

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