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Epic is Giving Away Tons of Infinity Blade Assets for Free

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  • Epic is Giving Away Tons of Infinity Blade Assets for Free

    Epic Games has released "thousands of assets" from their Infinity Blade collection for free on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. The studio claims that this content "represents a $3 million investment in art and sound design."
    On the heels of yesterday’s Apple Special Event, and with Infinity Blade III going free for the first time ever, there’s one more surprise in store: Developers can now download thousands of assets from Epic Games' Infinity Blade Collection for free in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. This content represents a $3 million investment in art and sound design.

    ChAIR Entertainment Creative Director Donald Mustard joined today’s livestream to discuss creating Infinity Blade, one of the most successful mobile franchises to date. Epic had hinted that there would be a gift to the development community, and this is itInfinity Blade: WarriorsInfinity Blade: AdversariesInfinity Blade: EffectsInfinity Blade: Grass LandsInfinity Blade: Ice LandsInfinity Blade: Fire LandsInfinity Blade: SoundsInfinity Blade: Weapons presents a vast array of melee weaponry, including never-before-seen swords and axes and also a few Infinity Blade fan favorites.

    In addition, Epic encourages those who wish to start building right away to participate in the September Game Jam, the theme of which is “Live Deathless.”

    Check out images and read more about this generous release at the Unreal Engine blog: