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Siegecraft Commander Slated for Release Early in 2016

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  • Siegecraft Commander Slated for Release Early in 2016

    Siegecraft Commander from Blowfish Studios has been announced for a Q1 2016 release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, and Nvidia SHIELD.
    The game features a groundbreaking PvP combat system that delivers fast-paced real time strategy or tactical turn-based gameplay.

    Players battle each other by spawning units or firing projectiles from towers. New towers can be created by flinging what is essentially the seed of a new structure, which sprouts upon landing and connects a wall between the new tower and the one that launched its seed.

    To win, a player must find the right balance of offense and defense as they expand their network of towers with the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy's keep, while protecting their own.