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SwappyDots Released on Mobile Today

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  • SwappyDots Released on Mobile Today

    SwappyDots from Code2Game was released today for free on iOS and Android devices.
    SwappyDots is a match-3 puzzle game but not similar to others in the genre because it has a never seen concept: the game shows up 62 dots and one hole. To get 3 or more color matches players can swap the dots only with the hole not with other dots. It may seem just a small difference but the result is a totally unique and outstanding game.

    The game has 2 play modes currently (step and time) but we are planning to add other modes later. If a player gets 4 or more color matches then (s)he receives a bonus dot which remains in the game board only for a certain number of steps or time. The player should make a color match with this bonus dot to get a black dot and to gain additional time or steps. And finally, if the player makes matches with black dots then (s)he receives score multipliers and additional time or steps. The game doesn't contain levels and stars but it becomes more and more difficult due to bonus dots placements.

    Players can control the game with tap to dots or swipe gesture. The graphic has a modern and clean design, and the menu system is user friendly. The music and sound are high quality and made for this game exclusively. SwappyDots is an endless fun to players of all ages and experience levels but will be a challenge to fully master.