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Intel Resumes Advertising on Gamasutra Much to the Dismay of GamerGate

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  • Intel Resumes Advertising on Gamasutra Much to the Dismay of GamerGate

    Intel has gone back on its rather rash decision to pull advertising from the game industry site, Gamasutra. They resumed advertising about a day ago and even noted the importance of the site's audience to its own community.

    Intel had initially pulled advertising from Gamasutra following pressure from one of the many spam mail campaigns by Gamergate supporters. This is where they sent multiple emails (usually more than one from the same person, or many from a number of fake accounts they set up) to Intel to try painting Gamasutra in a bad light. This was all due to Gamasutra publicly posting articles that Gamergate did not agree with.

    However, after more sensible and intelligent people informed Intel of what was really going on and how Gamergate isn't exactly who they claim they are, Intel reinstated their advertising campaign at Gamasutra.

    Intel themselves also announced that they were back advertising with Gamasutra in a statement made to The Telegraph.
    "We have resumed advertising on the game developer site Gamasutra. As we have said in the past, it was not our intent to take a position in the current controversy surrounding the gaming community. We have a long history of support for gaming and game developer communities, and Gamasutra's audience is an important constituency."

    Just a friendly reminder that Gamergate was born as a harassment campaign against women in the gaming industry. It has since expanded into a group that spam mails various advertisers on a daily basis to pull ad campaigns from any site (typically gaming sites) that they do not agree with and that do not align with their socially antiquated and misogynistic viewpoints. They're also keen on lying about the truth in order to fit their needs.

    Gamergate is, of course, taking the news very well. They feel that the news of Intel's return that was confirmed by two separate sources is "unverified." They continue to believe that this is a "war" and they are busy leaving mass comments on the Telegraph article attacking Gamasutra and claiming that the confirmations from Gamasutra and Intel are "lies."