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Sony Files Vib-Ribbon Trademark in Europe

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  • Sony Files Vib-Ribbon Trademark in Europe

    Hold onto your butts, Sony just filed a trademark for Vib-Ribbon in Europe. Sadly, the trademark filing doesn't include any additional information, so nobody is really sure why Sony filed for this trademark.

    It's entirely possible it's just part of some general record upkeep at Sony. Then again, there has been a big push to see the return of Vib-Ribbon ever since Sony teased the hell out of it at E3. We'll just have to wait and see if Sony actually has plans for this fan favorite title or if this is still more just teasing from them.

    For those that don't know, or don't remember, Vib-Ribbon came out in 1999 for the original PlayStation. It was made by the same team that went on to make Parappa the Rapper. It featured a sparse use of colors, side-scrolling action, and it crafted stages based on music. In fact, it even made use of your own music library to create entirely new levels to play.