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Puzzle & Dragons Surpasses 3 Million Downloads in North America

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  • Puzzle & Dragons Surpasses 3 Million Downloads in North America

    The popular mobile title, Puzzle & Dragons, has now surpassed 3 million downloads in North America.
    In the last year alone, Puzzle & Dragons saw tremendous worldwide success due to its addictive gameplay, as well as the unique in-game licensing elements featuring a variety of world-class franchises.

    Also, in an effort to make the game more accessible, GOE will be updating Puzzle & Dragons with added support for players with color vision deficiencies. Changes to the game's visually appealing world will include - but are not limited to - color adjustments for HP gauges, modified images, and changes to the element orbs.

    A mobile gaming phenomenon, Puzzle & Dragons continues to see tremendous growth thanks to the game's addictive combination of puzzle, dungeon-crawling and monster-collecting gameplay. Players capture, collect, and evolve hundreds of elemental monsters while using quick thinking to chain combos and maximize the abilities and skills of their monsters. Puzzle & Dragons has surpassed 29 million downloads worldwide.

    You can find out more on the game at Facebook.