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Steam Holiday Sale 2013 is Here

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  • Steam Holiday Sale 2013 is Here

    The Steam Holiday Sale 2013 is now underway. From now until January 3, you can expect to see big savings on a bunch of different titles. There's daily deals, flash deals, and community choice sales. There are sales for sales and sales on games that aren't even out yet.

    Today's daily deals include the following games, including how much they're on sale for:
    • Dishonored - 75%
    • Monaco - 80%
    • Dead Island (GOTY Edition) - 75%
    • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - 33%
    • Batman: Arkham Origins - 50%
    • The Stanley Parable - 40%
    • Space Hulk - 66%
    • BioShock Infinite - 75%
    • Assetto Corsa - 25%

    The current flash sales include:
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 75%
    • Divekick - 75%
    • The Typing of the Dead Overkill - 50%
    • Guns of Icarus Online - 75%

    There is also a community choice sale that kicks off in about 7.5 hours. You can put your vote in now for the first game and then check back every 8 hours for a new vote. Voting will get you towards a Snow Globe trading card. Yes, there is a whole metagame type deal again with this sale and trading cards.

    This time, you not only earn badges and collect the goodies from those, but you also get special in-game rewards from various free-to-play titles.

    Don't forget that if you see an item on sale but it isn't a daily deal, flash sale, or community choice sale yet, you may want to hold out for a bit to see if that game eventually becomes one of those items and goes on sale for even cheaper.