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    Originally posted by looqas View Post
    Bots are kicking my butt .
    Yeah, I think they are aim-bots.

    Originally posted by looqas View Post
    I very much enjoyed ET and it's style of play, but in this it just seems too hectic and over-flooded in too many ways. The weapons are very deadly and in such very much favor the defenders and ambushers. That's why it seems that GDF has a very hard time to move anywhere.
    I had that impression too at first, but after playing some time I realized that almost all the chokepoints can be flanked.
    E.g. before the bridge is up, you can take the APC(Trojan) down the river and come up on the other side on the tunnel, which opens up for some very nice roadkills as the sheep runs out of the other end.

    Originally posted by looqas View Post
    The bunnyhopping was not so big deal in ET since the background was simplier and the targets did stand out well. In QW the soldiers blend too well to the scenery thus making bunny-hopping merely frustrating for aiming purposes. If they would nerf the weapons a bit I think it would make the game more enjoyable.
    Curiously I have seen very little bunnyhopping yet, and the red triangles makes most enemies easy to detect.
    I am enjoying the game more and more, but my main concern is that the maps will grow old too quick, since everything is much more linear than in Battlefield.


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      Despite whatever flaws this game has, it still requires far more teamwork than any BF title has yet to offer. I just wished there was a better type of squad system then the fireteam.


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        I forgot one thing, when they asked me to name myself, I couldn't use the "@" character!

        First game that ever that had that sorta restriction.....:cry:


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          Unlimited jumping and sprinting? Ugh.

          Got the full version a few days ago. Gave it a few hours. Didn't like it.

          It just doesn't 'feel' right. I guess fans will say that I'm too used to BF, but *shrug* please try and assume I have some independant thought (I play more games than BF and have played games since 3D Monster Maze on the ZX81).

          I liked the one-player version of Quake (and Unreal, for that matter) but the multi-player versions have always been a button-mashing, bunny-hopping exercise and I always yearned for something with a bit more (not a lot, just a bit) realism and tactics. Battlefield 1942 was a god-send in that regard and the BF series has only become better, IMHO. QWET is better than the previous deathmatch chaos-frenzies, but still feels embedded in the same rock, or perhaps floating in the same stormy sea. Whatever.

          I'm sure previous lovers of Quake will love it. Halo 2 players will love Halo 3. Unreal players will love... er... what is the new one?

          If you're in two minds and you like BF, though, I advise you to save your money.

          At the risk of discrediting myself, also, there were an uncomfortable amount of players named things like M0n$tA K1LLaH! and UB3rMAn bouncing around...


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            Originally posted by Elementalist

            At the risk of discrediting myself, also, there were an uncomfortable amount of players named things like M0n$tA K1LLaH! and UB3rMAn bouncing around...
            And in technicolor too

            I still follow the official ET:QW forums on occasion, and I can really smell the fear over there. "The Steam Release will bring plenty of players" "Just wait for the holiday season" etc.

            For some reason it amuses me that ET:QW has about twice the number of players of old BF1942 :laugh:

            Its probably because I was told a million times that it would kill BF.


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              Yes. And it certainly did not kill BF.