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    Originally posted by crosland View Post
    Plus Fish i no your whoring it up man but a carnt compete with another 400 hours u have played of me iam sure you'll over take me tho
    you have to understand... i have an illness and wheelchair bound so i have a lot of time to kill...


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      Ah, it's a great game for killing time...


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        LOL u was the one that started talking about medals

        Obviously states do matter to you , because u say this bu11 sh17

        1st in the UK as Commander (2nd in the world)
        1st in the UK with an FAV.
        6th in the UK with motion mines.
        29th in the UK with RDX.


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          Originally posted by Forces(UK)
          Ah, it's a great game for killing time...
          for someone who doesnt give a **** you do seem to be getting a little play the game for fun and thats cool but maybe deep down it does mean alot to you- every post contains a sig that states your rank at this and your rank at that;Im not taking sides here but pointing out typos is a bit sad -this is a forum not an english essay.No doubt I will now be scolded for my insolence..I dont give that much of a **** about rank - I started a new soldier a couple of month's ago coz I didnt like my tag and my pc was broken for like four months -if not I would be on about 120 000 points I reckon


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            Originally posted by Forces(UK) View Post
            As for spelling, well, compound nouns arise from frequently hyphenated noun-pairs over time. It's not hard to see how someone might prematurely collocate "leader" and "board" ahead of the dictionary, although this can hardly compare to such elementary errors as failing to spell "can't".
            Lol bet you were there for like 30 + mins making that pile of sh!t up


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              Why dont you come and play clanmod so i can own you on that,it doesnt matter about rank on there and its were all the best players hang out
              Thats why you've been catching me up FISH cause i play clanmod alot now