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What are your thoughts on Battlefield Hardline?

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  • What are your thoughts on Battlefield Hardline?

    I know all of you guys are good ol' Battlefield vets, and that's why I <3 you!
    I think I understand why there hasn't been a lot of discussion around the newest battlefield title, Battlefield Hardline.
    (Speaking very broadly as I'm in the middle of my exam session, but hoping to dive more into details as discussion starts)
    In my opinion the fact that it's not made by DICE, it's visually so similar to BF4 but drives so far from what normally the BF series are, bringing them into a more playful zone is not making it a very attractive option for me. Looking at those pink weapons REALLY makes it feel like it went through a massive process of "casualization".

    But the truth is, I have barely followed the news on the game. Usually by this time I would know which weapons the game would have, I would be exited about new features, I would be digging for more and more info almost every day. So the fact that I don't know as much about the game doesn't let me criticize it? Or do I know enough, and does it truly drift away enough to not make me feel interested?
    With the years I have felt less and less hype for games in general, and the last game I was truly hyped about was BFBC2 as it felt truly like a new game. I think the only game that could hype me now would be a BF2142 with destructible environments. (Or Battlefront 3 ).

    I will 99% surely download and try the open beta as soon as it is released, but I also feel 99% surely that I won't be buying the game.

    What do you think about Battlefield Hardline?

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    I think that what I played in the beta looked and felt like a Battlefield 4 mod. The announced features do make it seem like it will be more than that and I'm at least interested in seeing what the single player brings to the table for a couple of reasons: 1. It's by Visceral and after Dead Space I'm at least willing to not think the SP won't be complete trash and 2. It can't be any worse than the story components in BF3 and BF4.

    As for multiplayer? Meh. The game isn't something I'm going to buy at full price. BF4 still seems to be active, perhaps more so lately given the good updates it's received. And I'm not going to lie, the only way I'll probably play Hardline is if I get it for free or for like under $10. If they have another Premium offering with it, that's going to be an even harder sell.

    This might be the first Battlefield game in a long time that I skip completely.


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      The final "beta" is coming soon. You can try it then.

      Otherwise, if it is not perfect performance-wise, I wont be getting it.

      Theyve made a lot of changes since the first open trial, so I dont know if anyone could really go by that. Its going to look about the same as BF3/4 because its on FB3, so no one should get their hopes up that its somehow going to magically look different.
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        I'm not planning on getting it. I'm not really a PTFO kind of person.
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          I also just realized that Star Wars: Battlefront is probably coming out later this year. I suppose if I want an online "Battlefield" type experience, I am (so far) more interested to see what they do with Battlefront than Hardline.


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            So yeah, I feel like we all pretty much share the same feelings about BF:H.
            I skipped BF4 as my computer couldn't handle it and now I'm waiting for the best promotion to get it along with premium :P. But I doubt I will end up actually getting hardline


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              I'm probably not buying it as I'm not in a position currently to be buying too many games at full price but I'm actually willing to give it a go. I think it looks fun.


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                After playing the beta, I think Visceral did a great job on making the maps and balancing the kits.

                Unfortunately its still on the Frostbite 3 engine. The lower TTK is hiding some of the issues that are in that engine when it comes to hit detection and all that. When they raise the TTK, which I think they will because so many are complaining about it, youre going to see a lot more increase in trade deaths, bad hit markers, and dying around corners.

                The game is very fun as long as you dont care about the above, which it seems like a lot of people now dont care about that. They did when it was BF4, they dont now.
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                  Originally posted by CptainCrunch View Post
                  They did when it was BF4, they dont now.
                  This. This has been happening even more than in BF3. BF4 I dont really know though.
                  But I guess its still beta