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    Re: the moment you dread most

    Originally posted by Shurikane View Post
    Here's a new one.

    "Our Titan shield is gone!"

    How many people will hop on defense... None? A third? Half? Absolutely everyone?

    I've been in several Titan matches where we'd be leading by a mile in the first phase, only to have the team completely lose the big pictures at shields down and either have zero defense or leave every single silo to the enemy. Or worse: everyone on the attack and dying from endless nade spam while enemy has 5 silos + our consoles and reactor core down without even one person spawning to defend.

    This is a classic problem, too many people have a wish to become meatballs on the enemy Titan, when out Titan is empty and raiders are hopping like crazy. I always feel a knob in my stomach every time I find myself all alone in a console corridor watching a dozen enemies running towards me for an easy kill. I usually start thinking on which console to go next, since the only thing you can do is take 3-4 with you or run away unnoticed and setup an ambush. Either way, this console is gone, maybe another 1-2, before team starts to realize, hey, we've got to defend out Titan...