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How do you destroy a Titan console?

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  • How do you destroy a Titan console?

    I have participated in many grenade fests where the console would finally blow up just by chucking them down the hall and bouncing them off of walls, and I have blown a few up with 3 RDX demo packs dumped ontop of it, but I just played a round where I ended up by myself in front of the enemy console as Assault. I pumped every round I had into what looked like the keyboard, then switched to my rockets. My rockets appeared to go right through the damn thing, but I fired every one I had at it reloading once (six rockets). Then I switched to grenades, and got both of them under it, but the damn thing wouldn't blow! Finally I was there like an idiot trying to blow it up with my pistol when some slowfooted defender finally decided to peek around the corner and shot me in the back.

    Where should I be shooting it? Obviously not in what looks like a keyboard. Am I supposed to be shooting the monitor?


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      its 3 RDX packs a console, not sure if there are weak spots, i have wondered that myself


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        Sure you were at the right titan ?

        But really... it is quite annoying when you get to an unharmed console without the right equipment... the seconds feel so loong and it seems to take sooo much damage before exploding.


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          RDX is the only way to fly.

          Anything that deals damage will destroy a console but unless you're by yourself you probably won't get it.

          It's not just the enemy you have to worry about either. Your 'teammates' will gladly finish off a console you started to get the points.

          I was playing Titan a couple days ago as an engineer. I cleared the deck of MM's and then was nice enough to defuse some apm's too.

          I made to a console, put 2 rounds from my pilum into it, and as I was reloading for the 'kill', a recon guy tossed an RDX pack and blew it getting the credit.

          There's no mistaking that he knew damn well what he was doing. Like it was said above, it takes 3 packs to blow a console. He tossed only 1 and hurried to blow it, cause he knew I had already weakened it.

          Sweet revenge: I switched to the other team and successfully defended the core.


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            I use the RDX Shotgun. 11 Cheeseballs and its down It might be worlds slower than RDX, but it is only around ten seconds slower than a Pilum, and it is around a minute faster than taking a Ganz or a Clark to it.


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              Your PK Rockets seemed to go rigt through it because they will only detonate at 20m+.

              You can take it out with your assault rifle, I can tell you from experience it takes 4 full clips from the SCAR to do it, and yes firing at the 'keyboard' is the way to go.


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                Sounds like your team wasn't going with you on the titan assault. As assault there is only little chance to destroy consoles. The assaults role is to keep the defenders off the teammates who destroy the consoles.
                Best to destroy the consoles is (in this order): Recon (3 RDX), Engineer (3 Pilum or rockets from the Anti-Tank launcher), Support (10-12 shots from the RDX-Clark). Handguns are the least favourite tools to destroy a console or core.
                And the keyboard is the right place to shoot at.


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                  support with RDX and inf sonar is the best way to kill consoles solo in fact.
                  if you go recon Murphy's Law states that the support guys are all afk =D


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                    If you don't have the extra mag with the Voss it isn't possible to destroy a console... If you have the extra mag, then it will take the full ammo of your gun to destroy is, you will have your sidearm to protect yourself but it isn't much.

                    Also noticed that you stated that you shot some PK rockets to the console... don't even bother unless you are shooting from a distance, they do no damage within a 20 meter radius.

                    I don't play titan but the times I tryed I managed to destroy 7 consoles... all with my Vossy

                    But I have a question for you guys, how many hits are requierd to destroy the reactor core?? :cry:


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                      I found out that if you stood back from consoles 1 or 2 and used assault rockets alone, you can take out the console from afar. Not sure if you need a resupply or not, but I've definately blew up a console that way before.

                      And for consoles 3 or 4, just go support and spam grenades in. It will bounce close enough to the console inside to do the damage.


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                        Ok time to let another trick outa the ol' 1337 competition secrets bag. One medic can take down console 1 or 2 by himself in about 30 seconds, no vossing needed, and you never even have to enter the area with the console. All you have to do is, enter the hall way up to the first bulkhead, and stand on the side of the hallway opposite to the console (so in hallway one on the left side, and in hall way 2 on the right. Switch to PK, and don't zoom. Aim at the console number on the wall, just by the console, and open up. It only takes 9 (3 clips if you don't have the extra, and 2clips + 1 extra if you do). Only takes about 30 seconds, and really REALLY frustrates that recon camper throwing rdx around the corner. Two medics working together can pull down consoles 1&2 in about 45 seconds, barring competent D.

                        In that regard, it's actually easier for a medic to take out 1&2 that it is for them to take out 3&4, because you can't get the distance needed from 3&4 to use the PK rockets.

                        Try it and let me know, I bet you'll do it that way from now on


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                          well the thing is, it's not so much the RDX-tossing recon that's the prob with corridors 1 and 2, it's the 3 support guys throwing grenades to the corridor entrance at a combined rate of 1 grenade every 1.5 seconds...


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                            So you shoot from the ramp (??bulkhead??) up into the corridors but direct your shot to the number??

                            That doesn't make any sense....


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                              Originally posted by dontsh000t View Post
                              well the thing is, it's not so much the RDX-tossing recon that's the prob with corridors 1 and 2, it's the 3 support guys throwing grenades to the corridor entrance at a combined rate of 1 grenade every 1.5 seconds...
                              I completely agree. But he asked how you destroyed the consoles. Getting in the hallway, to use the PK rockets is definitely the hard part. In my post, I was referring more to the times when you pod onto the enemy titan, more or less alone, and find a hallway undefended or nearly so. Nade spammers are a definite pain to get by. It's possible (at least in most cases) but requires a level of teamwork not often found in pubs.