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    Re: Dodging missiles

    Originally posted by Oli View Post
    Im guessing that 3 things added together to make D is still better than the one thing of the crap F35B
    Nope, but its going to stay a secret, unless you take your sweet time to check the missile/jet files.

    And dayumn, I got a heartache at all the secrets spilled...


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      Re: Dodging missiles


      Thank you for posting such a complete list for all the aircraft. I have learned some of these by just watching how other people are flying when my missiles miss, but I learned one or two are new tricks from your post.



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        Re: Dodging missiles

        Originally posted by Neptune
        How the hell do you know all that?
        1. Watching others closely.
        2. Watching my plane closely.
        3. Discovered by accident, repeated and tested to crack them.
        4. Hard practice.

        Originally posted by coldmist
        Thank you for posting such a complete list for all the aircraft.
        You're welcome.

        I'm doing myself (and perhaps others) a good disservice by spilling all these secrets, hehe. Gonna have less advantage. But you know, I believe in challenge and appose secrecy .


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          Re: Dodging missiles

          Originally posted by Argameno View Post
          Well hello! This is Argameno indeed. I found this post by accident. Nice to know I'm at least a little bit popular :laugh: in places I don't even know about.

          Well I just signed up so I could respond to this thread. If you want to know how to dodge missiles here it is in brief. Keep in mind all methods explained here are without the use flares.

          1. Every Jet is different, and requires relative tactics. Some are just easier to evade with.
          2. There is 3 different kinds of missiles: fighter, bomber, stringer. They vary in tracking ability. Stinger is strongest, fighter is weakest.
          3. Altitude makes your jet lose responsiveness and increase speed. the higher you are the more likely the missile will hit you.
          4. Bombers retain their maneuverability better than fighters at high altitude. So they can evade fighters.

          J10: The most over-powered jet in the game. Better than all other jets in dogfighting. Nothing can really challenge it. fastest turn rate, slow response rate. Unprecise movements, bad for gunning and bombing. I never fly this, it is over advantaged and frankly a crappy jet. Newbies love it. Most of my discussions and comparisons of jets will exclude this jet because it is just out of the league.

          F35: Very accurate movements, fastest response rate, slowest horizontal turn rate, excellent vertical loop turn rate, highest speed, highly maneuverable at high altitude, highly vulnerable to missiles, extremely difficult to fly without death. Only for experts.

          I have seen people evade missiles with it using full rudder and full pitch back given some distance, however I can't do it. A very sudden and sharp move with the 35 right when the missile is about to hit you also sometimes does the trick, but again I can't seem to get it down. The F35 is simply missile vulnerable and you simply have to avoid getting locked on in the first place and also by running away from the enemy using speed. Climb to 800 and hit the After burner (AB). Your speed will reach 3000, you out run the missle and reach the other end of the map in mere seconds. F35 is not for newbies. Expect death if you are not an expert.

          MIG: Outstanding turn rate with full rudder and pitch vertical and horizontal. Accurate movements, medium response rate, vulnerable to missiles. Powerful rudder.

          Second most missile-vulnerable jet in the game, however it can become completely invincible if you learn how to evade missiles with it. It is an very difficult and tricky tactic and you have to be an expert to pull off. It involves full rudder with a 10% pull on pitch and a mild roll. you have to be looking in rear view to see the missile. And you have to adjust your jet to the path of the missile to make it miss. Another simple tactic is to simply let the missile get somewhat close and then do a full pitch back and suddenly let go of the joystick right exactly when the missile in about to hit you. The missile should suddenly fly away while you are moving perfectly straight. The MIG is a low altitude jet. Keep it low, below 400. Flying higher requires expert skills. The MIG can be the most powerful jet, outdoing the F18, if flown by an expert. But to become this effective you need to be an expert. I fly only the MIG and that's why. IMO it is the most maneuverable and skill-requiring jet to fly, which makes it a very fun jet. It has the perfect balance of vulnerability and skill requirement. I am an expert on the MIG and I basically evade missiles with little to no movement. I haven't seen anyone else do this, yet. It's kind of my trademark .

          F18: Easy to fly, accurate, precise, fast response rate, high turn rate, poor rudder compared the MIG.

          Easiest way to evade missiles with it is to simply pitch forward and keep at it. Use rudder if you need but is not required. every missile fired at you by other jets will miss you guaranteed. Only bomber missiles and singers are a threat the the F18. A simple full pitch back also does the trick for the 18. Just don't roll too much. Loop is ok. IMO if you think you are a great pilot in the F18 then you aren't a good pilot at all because the F18 is the most missile-invulnerable jet after the J10. requires little skill to stay alive.

          Eurofighter: Slowest speed, fastest response rate (to the point of losing control and becoming unprecise), hard to make little adjustments because of fast response, fastest pitch turn rate, slowest roll rate, invulnerable to missiles (the just don't hit it).

          the chances of you getting hit with a missile in the EF is the same as the chances of you evading a missile without flares in the F35, so extremely low. No more comments on evasion, no effort required.

          F14: Fly inverted, Pitch forward and use rudder. Another tactic, use rudder and pitch back and change direction just as the missile is about to hit you by switching to the other side rudder and perhaps using roll. Comes with practice.

          SU34: Pitch forward, with a bit of rudder or roll where necessary, will do the trick. Also full back pitch, when the missile is near engage the rudder.

          I hope this has been informative. I will create videos of my moves and perhaps post them sometime on youtube.
          GREAT GUIDE!!!! Although I dissagree with some parts., the F18 is the best plane in-game, I have been testing stuff with it, and I no longer need flares to dodge J10 missles, my trick(which some1 else told me) is once you're locked on you fly upside down and oush your joystick foward towards the right.

          I have tried it with the F35B, and every once in a while I can dodge a J10 missle.

          The J10 simply cannot use this tactic as it doesn't work (because it's most unstable peice of crap in-game).

          This also works okay with the F15E, (please refer to the F35B section as it's almost the same as the F15E.

          I won't go on longer, as I've been up plying late and my fingers hurt, but if you want more info I can post it.