Recently, JonTron went in hard on supporting racist sentiments that culminated in him making incredibly racist and xenophobic remarks last night on Destiny's Twitch stream. We also have Colin Moriarty, the now former employee and co-founder of Kinda Funny Games, who "resigned" from the company following a series of politically ignorant and sexist remarks on Twitter these past few months. Moriarty's fate seemed sealed after a particularly sexist Twitter comment was met with some rather substantial and deserved backlash. Remember that he posted this on International Women's Day, a yearly event that celebrates women's rights movements.

Cut to five days later, today, and Moriarty announced that he has "resigned" from Kinda Funny Games. I put "resigned" in quotes because I do not feel as though this is something he did on his own accord.

Do keep in mind that his Twitter remark referenced above is undoubtedly the straw the broke the camel's back and is not the only reason for his departure.

Moriarty has proven time and time again to be woefully ignorant of the things he pretends to be some sort of an educated authority on. I almost feel sorry for those that follow him and take his views on the world, especially politics, to heart. However, I don't feel bad for Moriarty losing his job. I'm sure he'll land on his feet at some place such as Breitbart or another equally fake and dangerous "news" organization.

Now on to Jon "JonTron" Jafari, who for the past year or two has decided to dig himself a tidy little hole. It began with his thinly veiled attempts at hiding that he was pro-GamerGate. He had posted through his Twitter a pro-GG pornographic comic that targeted Zoe Quinn. It was posted around the same span of time in which Quinn was still receiving a number of death threats.

However, that hole kept growing and growing. The hole started to reach gargantuan proportions these past couple of months with JonTron.

It was also around this time in January that JonTron had a pinned retweet that defended the views of Richard Spencer (well known neo-nazi) as a "difference of opinion." For those that need a reminder about Richard Spencer or are thinking to themselves, "where have I heard that name before?" Well, I have you covered.

JonTron then gave an exclusive interview with Breitbart, the media outlet that was once the home to massive racist and sexist shitheads Milo Yiannopoulos and Steve Bannon. Described as the "platform for the alt-right" by Bannon himself, Breitbart's interview with JonTron was more of the same. It provided him a new platform to share his budding thoughts, especially when it came to the distrust of media. Keep in mind that there is some idea going around our country that the mainstream media is lying to us, an idea that is spurred on by none other than Trump and his public facing staff.

More on point, and coincidentally more recently, JonTron seemingly decided to go for broke starting with a series of Twitter remarks.

Here's the setup. Please note that David Duke is a known white nationalist and former Imperial Wizard of the KKK. Steve King is a U.S. Representative for Iowa that decided it would be a wise play to hurl racially charged insults at immigrants.

And now cue the start of JonTron's evening.

Keep in mind that JonTron's father is an Iranian immigrant. It may put into perspective just how batshit crazy his remarks are. He continues...

It was then that he had a Twitter exchange with Steven Bonnell, whom most people may better recognize as "Destiny." Destiny has a somewhat regular Twitch talk show where he debates a number of people. This Twitter exchange seems to lead directly into what happened late last night.

Thus begins a near two hour long livestreamed debate between JonTron and Destiny. The debate really wasn't much of one since JonTron couldn't pull his head out of his ass long enough to provide more than a single shred of evidence or proof to back up his wildly racist and xenophobic remarks.

During this span of time, JonTron was unable to come close to responding coherently to any of the counter-points Destiny raised. He would either change the subject, speak incoherently, double down on his factually incorrect remarks, or even try to pull a "no you" at one point. JonTron's remarks ranged from being baseless to being highly inflammatory in nature.

He said that Mexicans were somehow attempting to recapture American land. He said that "we don't need immigrants from incompatible places." He said that white people were going through a "demographic displacement" thanks to immigration.

JonTron then decided to attack wealthy black Americans by saying that they commit more crimes than poor white people. This is a remark that is only supported by outlets that are so far right leaning that they're almost falling over. He said that the court system does not show a bias against those who are not white. He said that the Italians and the Irish were always viewed as equals to white people in America, a statement which is historically incorrect. He said that the Black Lives Matter movement doesn't support violence (also incorrect). He said that Western nations have "gotten rid of discrimination." He said that oppression doesn't exist in America.

Here's even more of what JonTron said during this two hour long interview last night.
  • Foreign people dilute the gene pool
  • He said that people of color are as "crime-hungry" as those living in Africa
  • He tried to compare racial issues with mixing different colors of paint
  • The "no you" moment came when he tried to say that Destiny wants to kill black people. This deflection came after Destiny was trying to explain just how complex of an issue crime within poor districts really is. JonTron essentially said that context doesn't matter. Destiny then asked JonTron what his solution would be if understanding the root cause is not the answer. Of the hyperbolic suggestions Destiny threw out to get a reasoned response from JonTron was, "what, do we kill all the black people?" JonTron was quick to jump on that remark saying that Destiny wanted to kill all black people, despite the context in which it was said. There was no actual response from JonTron, merely a poor attempt at a "gotcha" since he had nothing else going for him.
  • JonTron said that tribalism is a valid theory
  • Immigrants destroy every country they're allowed to be in
  • Racism is over
  • Muslims are the ones actually organizing outside abortion clinics. He said that Muslims are trying to make it look like it's actually Christians doing it.
  • Apparently, according to JonTron, there were mass riots happening all throughout Europe last night.

You really don't have to take my word for it. The YouTube video above shows all of that happening and more if you are so inclined to listen to two hours of stupid, racist bullshit from JonTron.

It should also come as no surprise that the self-proclaimed "neutral" leaning TotalBiscuit stood up for JonTron in a recent audio response earlier today. His response came after Gizmodo ran a piece on JonTron today following the events of last night. TotalBiscuit's response, which you can find on his Twitter as I refuse to give him any amount of free hits, essentially comes across as, "well, JonTron said some bad things but Gizmodo is totally bad and it's a hit piece on JonTron. TB then proceeds to essentially say it's a non-story and how it's just Gawker Media being Gawker Media.

A second audio recording from TotalBiscuit was posted later this evening as a follow-up to his initial response. In it he asks what the point is in criticizing JonTron among some other nonsense about trying to promote "understanding" of both sides. Hey, who here wants to "understand" where a white nationalist or Nazi is coming from? What kind of an idiotic stance is that to take? Hey, let's just bring the KKK, David Duke, Richard Spencer, and an equal number of minorities together in one room and let's just have them talk it out. I'm sure that would be totally productive and result in everyone coming together in peace and harmony in no time flat!

First off, you want to know what the point is in criticizing JonTron? I'll respond to that by asking you just what the hell is the point in your criticizing Gizmodo for reporting the news? The major difference here is that criticism of ignorant, racist statements should never be silenced be they made from news organization you have a beef with or by anybody else. You only criticize Gismodo because you have a chip on your shoulder against them. Secondly, in what fucking world do you live in where it is in any way, shape, or form appropriate to stick up for someone that is so clearly entrenched in his own little world of white nationalism?

Addition on March 14 at 3:43PM (ET): I'd just like to point out this post on NeoGAF that so amazingly states just what the hell is wrong with TB's audio rants.

And now back to the original post:

I get that you feel compelled to butt in at every opportunity when you think it will be good for your brand, but maybe you should consider just shutting the fuck up for once. Sticking up for someone that expressed a wealth of racist, xenophobic, and sexist remarks is probably one of the worst hills to plant your "neutral" flag on. At this stage of the game, I'm not even sure if TB is still promoting that sweet little lie about being neutral on these social matters so between quotes it shall remain.

TB remarked in one of his audio statements that he doesn't want to be used as a weapon nor does he want his followers to witch hunt. Great idea! It's a good thing you made not one but two public audio responses to your multitude of followers. You totally don't want to start witch hunts *wink wink, nudge nudge*. It would be really messed up if TB then concluded his soapbox rants by saying how he feels he has some authority to talk about this because his cancer gave him a more worldly view on topics because that would just be totally fucked up if someone were to do that. I mean honestly, what kind of a shitty person would you have to be to weaponize your unfortunate condition like that?

So in the past day we've had JonTron really hammering home the fact that he's incredibly racist and very xenophobic. We saw the sexist and fairly ignorant Colin Moriarty "resigning" from Kinda Funny Games. We have seen Total Biscuit sticking up for a racist and attacking the media all in one go.

To these people I say: Go fuck yourself. You are precisely what is wrong with the world today.

Additionally to those that felt compelled to read this: You should keep in mind that I, on a personal level, do not have to show any level of respect to anybody that defends these human dumpster fires. You're welcome to disagree with anything that was said here, just don't expect me to allow myself to hold the door open for people that stick up for and/or support racists, or xenophobes, or those that utilize their followers as a weapon. This mainly applies to social media platforms such as Twitter where I will happily block you without a second thought. Here on TGN? Well, you'd have to go to some pretty extreme lengths to get banned, or you simply have to be a spambot. Don't be a spambot.

Credits to NeoGAF for helping to supply some of the images used above: