As you may have already figured, there will not be a "Week in Review" for this past week or even for these past two weeks. E3 took up far too much time and no new games were played.

Actually, that's not 100% true since I did start to play the Far Harbor expansion for Fallout 4 prior to E3. It isn't terrible but it certainly still has that Fallout 4 jankiness that I hated from the core game. That's about all I'll really say on that for now, at least until I actually force myself to play more of that DLC. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but there may very well be weeks that are intentionally (not like how I screwed up with the April/May Week in Review stuff) skipped because I simply didn't play anything new or nothing worth reviewing.

As for this week, it was E3. We had roughly 14 or so fewer E3 posts this year compared to last year. I feel as though a lot of that had to do with Nintendo not having much of a presence outside of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Sun/Moon. I'm also quite certain I missed a few things here and there but as far as I'm concerned, pretty much all of the major news was covered this week and some in the week(s) prior due to leaks. Even with that, that's still in excess of 110 E3 2016 related news posts that went up.

You can find all of the E3 2016 news by clicking that link or by going to Search (at the top), selecting "Articles" in the checkbox under "Search Types", and manually typing E3 2016 in the "tag" area. Doing the manual method will just show you main page articles. Or just visit the main site right now and browse through the six+ pages of E3 news that is presently up.

There isn't much else to say with this update. Just figured I'd give a quick update about the Week in Review stuff and the amount of E3 related news. There might still be more E3 news coming while proper previews are compiled, etc. But as far as new trailers are concerned, that might be everything.