Hi everyone! Just a quick update today about something I'm going to change for Total Gaming Network. Due to how hit or miss our RSS feed to Twitter is, I have made the decision to remove the "QuickHits" section from the main page.

Right now, the feed to Twitter sometimes posts threads and links that it really shouldn't. For some reason, it doesn't just pull threads from the QuickHits forum section as I have it set up. The other day I saw an automated post to our Twitter feed from a topic that was made in Off-Topic here!

That's a problem. I have tried to fix it, but everything looks like it's set up properly. So, I have to make a change.

What does this mean?

Simply put, it only means that I will now push "QuickHits" content to the main page in line with the other content. It will no longer have a separate sidebar on the main page, as seen below in a shot of our current layout. As such, I can then eliminate the second RSS feed that pulled information from the QuickHits forum section (and apparently every other section here). It will fix the feed issues so that it only posts the content that SHOULD be posted and also eliminates the double posting issue I've seen countless times on our Twitter feed.

So long to QuickHits on the right sidebar

Quickhits style news will fall in line with other, more "notable" content. There may also be times where I bring back News Bits from CS-Nation. News Bits are the precursor to QuickHits. You can kind of see an example here or by searching for "news bits" in our site search. They were a single news post that had a lot of little pieces of news for a variety of games. Things that seemed important enough to post but not enough to spend much time writing original content for. They're low effort news posts, especially useful on days where I get a ton of press releases about things most of you probably don't give a damn about.

What I am planning on doing is keeping the QuickHits forum section for this stuff. I will also include a separate main page section for QuickHits much like we presently have for Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Valve news on the main page. Much like those other sections, all news from all sections (including QuickHits) will show up on the main index as a normal article. I will still try to make it very apparent in the article title if a news post is a "QuickHit" or a "News Bit" in case you don't care to read those.

Nobody will probably care about this change. I'm just mentioning it in case someone is curious about it.