I've just learned that our own Shawn Williams passed away this past week. Old TGN visitors and those familiar with the 21st Century Warfare (21CW) group, will most certainly better know him as Airborne or just "AB" for short. Among his many duties, he also served as the tournament director for MyIS a few years ago.

AB served as a Veteran for his country for many years. He retired only due to a disability. He went on to be one of the original founders of 21CW. He had a tendency to be brutally honest with you. As strange as that sounds, his brutal honesty really showed just how much he cared.

AB was never one to shy away from sharing his opinion with you. Despite being very blunt in many of his forum postings here, the postings were actually quite reserved in comparison to actually speaking with him. Anybody who had the fortune to talk to AB either in person, or in TeamSpeak, or even in a game know that he pulled no punches in saying what was on his mind.

I really only knew AB during my time with MyIS, joining us often in TeamSpeak. He'd join us for regular gaming sessions and would often call people (or myself) "fucktards" with his loud, unique voice. And though I have, unfortunately, not spoken to AB in a couple of years, he will most certainly be greatly missed.

I'm thankful for having known AB, even if that period of time was so relatively short. Shawn is survived by his four children, three brothers, and his wife, Michele. He was only 48 years old.

Rest in peace, Shawn. Rest in peace, Airborne.