Unreal Tournament
In a reveal that should surprise nobody, Epic Games confirmed that they have halted development on Unreal Tournament. In 2014, a new Unreal Tournament was announced. Development was supposed to be this huge collaborative effort between a small team at Epic, Unreal Engine 4 devs, and the public.

We really haven't heard much about the game for literally years now. It's out there. It's playable. There isn't much content, but it existed in a state that you could, realistically, play some matches in it. It's also like, super dead. Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney told PCGamer as such.
"Unreal Tournament remains available in the storeGOG

Where did it all do wrong? Well, you see, there's this game called Fortnite. Maybe you've heard of it. It's apparently doing fairly well for itself. So well, in fact, that Epic pretty much focused most of their attention on it. I can't say I blame them in the slightest. Unreal used to be the big thing but Fortnite has come along and is the new hotness. Maybe Unreal will have another time to shine, but that time isn't now.

Epic has also allocated a lot of time towards developing a new Steam competitor. The company announced yesterday that they will soon launch the Epic Games Store, a new digital distribution platform that will give developers 88% of all revenues. This is a huge increase over the standard 70% that Steam gives developers on their platform.

Epic Games Store revenue share

The Epic Games Store will offer a hand-curated selection of games for the PC and Mac. That alone will probably entice many consumers to check it out, especially those who are tired of seeing the countless money grab titles that appear on Steam.

Epic will also have a "Support-A-Creator" program that will reward YouTube and Twitch content creators for highlighting a developer's game. More about the store can be found in an interview between Tim Sweeney and GI.biz.