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Look Here for a Free Trial Invite to Guild Wars 2 for the Weekend (UPDATED)

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  • Look Here for a Free Trial Invite to Guild Wars 2 for the Weekend (UPDATED)

    EDIT: It looks as though all invites have been claimed by three users. Hope they enjoy the free trial and if you have invites to give out, feel free to spread the love in this thread. We'll keep it going for the time being.

    Original: This weekend, existing players of Guild Wars 2 can invite up to three people to participate in a Free Trial weekend event. I have three invites to give out.

    Same deal as the Dota 2 invites (which I still have a couple to hand out if you're interested).

    Reply below with your email address and I will send you an invite. You need to act fast because they have a limited number of total invites!

    First come, first served on this one!

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    Hey me and 2 friends would like to get in on this if you can send some to the three of us. If not just send one to me (the first email).


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      Hey, you just sent me a Dota 2 invite, thanks a lot for that. If it's okay to get both I'd also like to try out GW2


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        Hi, could you send a GW2 invite to please??


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          Emails sent to Axios (first email only since you're a member) and to adamjmac.

          I still have an invite. If nobody else wants it in a timely fashion, then I'll send an invite to the second email on your list, Axios.


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            Whoops, looks like jubjubj gets the final invite.


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                Thanks a lot