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Dreadnought on PC Has New Conquest Mode Today

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  • Dreadnought on PC Has New Conquest Mode Today

    Dreadnought Conquest

    Do you like big ships? Do you like space? Do you like blowing up big spaceships while piloting your own big spaceship while in space? Nice, then keep reading because Dreadnought added in a new Conquest mode today and if it's anything like the rest of the game, there will be plenty of big ships to blow up in this new mode. I should say that it's a new free mode in this free game that you can play right now on either the PC or PlayStation 4.

    Conquest mode was included in today's 1.12 patch for the game alongside some other changes to the balance, minimap, squad coloring, plus some bug fixes.
    Still in development but available now as a playable preview, Conquest pits two teams against one another, battling to capture and defend control points through careful positioning and dominance around the map.

    Dreadnought’s unique spin on this classic game type is territory linking, which encourages higher level strategy for offensive and defensive fleet formations and tactics. Territory in Conquest isn’t fixed – it shifts in real time with the movements of players’ ships, as well as the control points they hold. Ships generate their own areas of influence, but when allies move close to one another or a control point, their territories will link and expand. But links can be severed if an enemy player intersects between linked points, flips a control point, or kills a linked player’s vessel, pushing the tide of battle back and forth with every moment.

    Dreadnought sits your butt in the pilot seat for one of about 50 different ships across five different ship types. They all have different upgrade paths and weapons to customize and fiddle with so you'll probably be able to find one that you like. Conquest is just one of a handful of modes present in the game.

    You can get a visual look at the Conquest game mode below.

    Click image for larger version

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