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Steam Community Reportedly Blocked in China

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  • Steam Community Reportedly Blocked in China

    China sure does love its censorship. By that I mean actual censorship, not that fake "censorship" bullshit that people like to throw around like it's going out of style when they have no other avenue to turn to in an argument. No, we're talking about real, bonafide censorship from the Chinese government here. The latest victim appears to be the Steam Community.

    This information comes to us courtesy of ValveTime on Twitter. They pull their information from GreatFire, a website that appears to keep track of the sites and services blocked in China. From the looks of things, the Steam Community has been blocked now since December 15, 2017.

    While I cannot test nor verify this myself, ValveTime says that the Steam service and the Steam Store still work. If permanent, this means that the Steam Community joins the ranks of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, hundreds of phone apps, and literally thousands of other websites that are blocked from being accessed in China.