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Discord Shuts Down White Supremacist Servers

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  • Discord Shuts Down White Supremacist Servers

    Following the events in Charlottesville, VA (in which a piece of shit Nazi murdered Heather Heyer and injured several other anti-racism demonstrators when he plowed his car into the group), a number of companies are finally starting to take action against white supremacy groups, Nazis, and Nazi sympathizers. Discord said today that they have shut down an alt-right server and a number of associated accounts.

    A few followup tweets by Discord said that they do "not read people's private conversations." However, they will "take action when people violate (their) Guidelines/ToS, and actively endorse violence against others." Those on the alt-right and Nazi sympathizers (interchangeable) have cried fowl saying that Discord should also ban anti-fascist servers too.

    The website for the server that was taken down issued a response (not linked because fuck them). They said that Discord's employees are "pathetic nerd cucks" that have "joined the war against free speech." They continued on to say that "Globo-Corpo-Homo-Judeo establishment is coming at us from all angles and lobbing everything that they have our way... Boy, oh boy. They sure picked the wrong enemy. History has shown us that regions of disenfranchised, intelligent and motivated young men are very very good at resisting tyranny."


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