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Beamdog Issues Statement About Baldur's Gate and New Transgender Character

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  • Beamdog Issues Statement About Baldur's Gate and New Transgender Character

    The new expansion for Baldur's Gate called Siege of Dragonspear introduced a transgender character. Because the Internet is full of intolerant individuals, the game has been slammed in user reviews and on social media because... I'm not really sure why. I can't honestly wrap my mind around why these people are so far up their own asses that the introduction of one transgender character sets their very sheltered world on fire so much. All I can gather from this is that those complainers are bigoted assholes who's only defense to anything pushing for more equality in the world is the tired and absurd line of "the 'SJWs' ruined this!"

    However, Beamdog has certainly heard the most vocal of said assholes, which has prompted the CEO of Beamdog, Trent Oster, to issue a statement on the matter today.

    The last few days have showed us how passionately many of our fans care for our games. We've had a lot of great feedback from players who love the expansion and are having a great time experiencing the first new Baldur's Gate story in 15 years.

    While we appreciate all feedback we receive from our fans, both positive as well as negative, some of the negative feedback has focused not on Siege of Dragonspear but on individual developers at Beamdog -- to the point of online threats and harassment.

    I just want to make it crystal clear that Beamdog does not condone this behavior, and moreover that it will not have the desired effect as we stand behind all our developers 100%. We created the game as a group, and moving forward we'll work on the game's issues as a group, which I believe is exactly as it should be.

    It's nice to see a publisher and a developer standing behind their work. It's also nice to see them freely admit that there were things they could have done better with respect to the character and a controversial quest line in the game.